Get to Know Galveston Automotive Professionals

Galveston Automotive Professionals began in 1992 with a single employee, the owner, John Eanes. That’s me. After working at car dealerships for several years, I knew that if I was ever going to be truly successful at auto repair, I had to have my own shop. I started in a small unused space behind an automotive parts business, and toiled there until 2001, when I made the bold move to buy a building and give G.A.P. a real home. My business was growing, and I needed my shop to physically grow along with it.

And business has been growing ever since! In our 6000 square foot facility (once an antique car museum), we bring together a robust staff of professional technicians, a fabulous service writer, and me. I’m proud to say my customers trust me. They know I am a great technician, but more importantly, I am honest and I treat people fairly. I instill these same values and characteristics in my team. Together, we run the cleanest auto repair shop in Galveston, where you’ll get your car fixed right.

Galveston Automotive Professionals Auto Repair Shop
Shop photos by Lori Eanes,

...And Just to Fill In Any "G.A.P.s"

I’ve always loved fixing cars. In high school, I worked on any vehicle I could get my hands on, and I was good at it, too! School was never as much fun as tearing an engine apart. I knew this would be my career. As the son of a doctor, my calling wasn’t met with immediate enthusiasm, but eventually, my parents knew automotive technology was the best path for me.

When I was working in car dealerships, I always felt mechanics got the short end of the stick pay-wise, so I knew I would need to open my own shop if I was ever going to be financially successful in the automotive industry. I also knew I could run a more honest business where people enjoyed working, and my customers would benefit as a result.

My great-grandfather came to Galveston after the Great Storm of 1900 because there was an opportunity for work. He started his own business, and grew it over the years, and I take great pride in doing the same. I also take great pride in doing it here in Galveston, where people are welcoming, diverse, and strong-willed. How wonderful to be able to say I love what I do, and I wouldn’t want to do it anywhere else.

Meet Our Team

Galveston Automotive Professionals Auto Repair Shop

John, Owner & Technician

John is the owner of G.A.P., and he loves working on cars. Being a mechanic is the only career he has ever had or wanted. Now with 30 over years of experience, he’s proud to run the premier automotive repair shop in Galveston, where his family has lived for four generations. John values all of his customers and takes the extra step to ensure every person who brings a vehicle to G.A.P. has a pleasurable experience because he understands when your car breaks down your anxiety level goes up. Experience, honesty, and commitment to customer service are what make John unique among auto repair shop owners. He’s here every day ensuring Galveston Automotive Professionals is the place you want to bring your car.

Galveston Automotive Professionals Auto Repair Shop

Jesus, Senior Technician

No one has a better working knowledge of car mechanics than Jesus, our senior technician. A mechanic his entire career, he will get repairs done on your car accurately and on time. His goal is always to fix it right the first time, and he loves to see happy customers go home with their beloved cars running smooth as silk. When you come to G.A.P., you may not see Jesus (because he’s in the shop handling repairs), but rest assured you are putting your car in good hands when Jesus is working on it.

Galveston Automotive Professionals Auto Repair Shop

Gerald, Service Writer

Gerald is the head service writer at G.A.P., which means he will usually be the first voice you hear on the phone and the first face you see when you bring in your car. He has worked in the automotive industry for over 15 years, and will help you understand what is wrong with your car and present the best repair options to you. He knows how unfamiliar many people are with how their cars work, so he takes the time to discuss with you the repairs and the cost involved to correct the problems. His quiet, southern demeanor will put you at ease as he explains the repairs needed for your vehicle. He is truly one of the best reasons to bring your car to G.A.P.

Galveston Automotive Professionals Auto Repair Shop

Andy, Junior Technician

Andy is our junior technician, which means he is early in his automotive career. Although he’s young, he has grown incredibly during his four years at G.A.P., mentored by both John and Jesus. He has a smile on his face every day, and loves working on cars, whether handling routine repairs or assisting Jesus, Winston, and John on more complicated repairs. Andy is a shining example of a young person dedicated to learning and becoming a master mechanic.

Galveston Automotive Professionals Auto Repair Shop

Johnny, Jack-of-All-Trades

Johnny wears many hats at G.A.P. He drives customers back and forth to home or work when needed, he maintains the cleanliness of the shop area, and he assists our staff in any way we need. Our customers appreciate his friendly personality, and he always has a smile on his face to greet you hello or to say goodbye as you drive your car out of the shop. Johnny works hard at keeping G.A.P. the cleanest shop in Galveston, and he takes great pride when a new customer says, "Wow, I didn’t know an auto repair shop could look so great!"