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We have been involved with several charities during our life in Galveston. These include local charities as well as international. We would like to highlight two of these for you and ask you to consider making a much-needed donation. We believe in giving back to those who are not as fortunate as we. We believe that people are mostly good-hearted and would give if simply asked. So, we are asking you to think with your heart and give to those in need. Any donation, whether small or large will have a positive impact on these two organizations that are dedicated to helping children in Africa and lost and abandoned pets in Galveston. The work needed to be done is large and endless. Your gift will save a life, either human or animal. Please consider giving today.


African Charity

The African Children’s Haven serves more than 700 children who live in extreme poverty in Kenya, Ethiopia and Tanzania. Their goal is to help at-risk children lead happier, healthier, more productive lives. The African Children’s Haven supports elementary and high school education for hundreds of students living in the slums of Nairobi and they work directly with partners to protect abused and abandoned children. They work hard to make sure the children get the food they need to grow and to do well in school. Food, Education

  • Support Orphan Care
  • Prevent Childhood Marriage and Genital Mutilation
  • Provide Educational Scholarships
  • Support Teacher Programs
  • Protect Vulnerable Children
  • Provide Nutritional Food For Children
  • Prevent HIV/AIDS
  • Bring Digital Technology to Supported Schools

Visit: to make a gift today. You can help to make a child’s life healthier and happier.

  • $1 feeds a needy child for a day
  • $5 sends a child to preschool for a week
  • $25 pays for a week’s high school tuition, room and board
  • $50 provides an orphan with shelter, medical care and education for a month
  • $75 pays a primary school teacher’s pay for a month

Read about John’s work with Mission with a Vision, a partner with the African Children’s Haven in Kenya, to help train Masai women to operate a John Deere tractor that helps them plow and plant a 10 acre farm that provides much needed food to students and staff. Read More

African Charity
African Charity
African Charity


African Charity

The Galveston Island Humane Society, Inc. is dedicated to the welfare of unwanted and homeless animals of Galveston Island. They work tirelessly to end cruelty, abuse and the overpopulation of animals while providing the highest quality of life to those brought to them for care. The work never ends, but you can help defenseless dogs, cats and critters through your support of the Galveston Island Humane Society.

GIHS is an “open admission” shelter for Galveston Island. That means they accept all homeless pets on the island, even when the shelter is full. Their open admission status in a community with a disproportionately high number of homeless or unwanted pets could lead to needless euthanasia in the shelter. However, the diligent work of their staff and many volunteers assures that adoptable pets are not held under a time limit and are kept available until they are rehomed, placed in a family or transferred to a partnering agency.

The Galveston Island Humane Society is open to the public six days a week to facilitate reuniting pets with their families, provide care for the homeless, unwanted and abused pets of the island and promote adoptions into forever homes.

Donate Today Your gift can save the life of a helpless pet.


African Charity


African Charity


African Charity